Context-Awareness in Workflow Management

Context-awareness in workflow management is a ground-breaking, software-enabled organizational model for diagnostic imaging organizations (DIOs), which can enable their leadership to fundamentally rethink the way their workloads and workflows are managed, with an eye to drive more value out of their existing PACS/RIS investments and confidently prepare themselves for a rapidly changing future.

Specifically, context-awareness in workflow management refers to the exhaustive mapping of all contextual parameters that can influence current and future workflows, as well as the dynamic ability to automatically assess the optimal workflow to a single conclusion, execute on that workflow, and ensure the completion of the process.

Our white paper, ORCHESTRATE a new way to deliver patient-centric care: context-aware workflow management in diagnostic imaging, is an important resource, available here.

DiaShare™ is our award-winning, vendor-neutral software suite that applies and implements our thinking around context-awareness in workflow management.

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