Quality Assurance, Improvement, and Collaboration

DiaShare QUALITY introduces the organizational concepts of context-awareness to peer review, quality assurance (QA), improvement and collaboration in diagnostic imaging organizations (DIOs).

QUALITY enables DIOs to meaningfully transform their peer review efforts. It finds its inspiration in the continuous quality improvement methodologies that have transformed many other industries, famously starting with Japanese manufacturing in the 1950s.

QUALITY utilizes a progressive three-pronged approach to peer review:

  • Assessment: “traditional” priors-based retrospective methodologies and workflows
  • Education: individual, customized, real-time training programs
  • Improvement: quality improves with optimized study assignment algorithms and better balancing of workloads


To effect this progressive three-pronged approach, QUALITY is composed of the following modules:

COLLABORATEsecure chat & meeting management

DISCOVER – business intelligence & analytics



  • Workflow management
  • Quality assurance & improvement methodologies
  • Alerts & notification management
  • Credentialing & confidentiality management
  • Physician profiling


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