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Option 1

CloudQA Software Subscription

  • Access to the award-winning and proven DiaShare software platform through a monthly or yearly subscription fee

  • No capital costs or internal departmental requirements

  • Rapid deployment without extensive integration into internal systems

  • Only requires access to exam images and reports: HL7 and DICOM

  • Multi-ology applicable

Option 2

CloudQA + Assisted Peer Review

  • CloudQA subscription with fully annonymized peer review assistance

  • Applies to radiology only

  • Diagnostic reading services provided by large Canadian roster of 60+ Real Time Medical radiologists

  • Ideal for groups with too few radiologists or too few radiologists with a given subspecialty

Option 3

Onsite Deployment

A Turnkey Solution for Canadian Organizations of any Size

  • Fully participant annonymized peer review including reporting and reviewing specialist information

  • No long-term commitments

  • No cost to join in 2016

  • Software and data hosted in Canada on private cloud

  • Highly secure: HIPAA, pHIPAA compliant

  • Exceeds current peer review standards


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