Seamless Integration

Versatile Beyond a Typical Workflow Solution

AICloudSuite (formerly known as DiaShare) is more than a typical workflow solution.  It's like a "Swiss Army Knife" – build with an integration, connectivity, and interoperability backbone that allows it to work within and across any PACS, RIS, VNA or other standards-based infrastructure. Unlike most workflow management solutions, AICloudSuite is completely independent from PACS viewers so you can best leverage any of your previous investments. It can be greatly customized to help solve your connectivity challenges between disparate systems.


AICloudSuite includes multi-protocol image producer connectivity, to facilitate HL7, DICOM and XDS messaging between the solution and any PACS, RIS, VNA or other standards-based architecture in either intra- or inter-enterprise environments.

Safe and Stable

The solutions's proprietary gateways, which are suitable for image producing sites not on your secure network, guarantee point-to-point security and additional network flexibility and acceleration from these external sites. It's proprietary gateways are ideal for teleradiology service networks, as they are far more stable than standard VPN connections.

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