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Unparalleled Functionality and Flexibility

Real Time Medical’s Workflow Management  and  “Diagnostic Operations" Platform, AICloudWorks™ (formerly known as DiaShare), is one the most comprehensive solution suites of its kind on the market today.  It has a level of granularity, accuracy and processing capacity not typical of other systems to provide intelligent load balanced worklists. For example, AICloudWorks study assignment can be determined by any specific parameters available from the DICOM and HL7 associated with a case. The system will also dynamically adjust workload in response to real-time changes in your diagnostic demands and based on the parameters you set.

AICloudWorks is the first software suite to fully apply and implement context-aware workflow management for diagnostic imaging organizations. Our clients have experienced a 15% - 20% increase in productivity, increasing the diagnostic capacity of their organizations.

Easily Scale-able and Seamlessly Vendor Neutral  

Because AISloudWorks is PACS/RIS-neutral, it has excellent growth potential while leveraging existing IT infrastructures. It can be used across multiple sites and with multiple systems.  Designed with large-scale implementations in mind: a single instance of AICloudWorks is capable of handling 40M transactions a year or roughly 10-20M studies per year depending on the number of prior exams.


Single Investment, Integrated Platform


AICloudWorks was designed to be “multi-ology applicable” (applicable to multiple medical disciplines) with the specific intent of enabling clients to effect workflows enterprise-wide from a single integrated platform.  It is currently in use for radiology, pathology, and cardiology diagnostic operations by global healthcare companies and solution providers.






Core Functionality


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