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Real Time Medical is one of the few companies that is consistently requested to conduct, high sensitivity radiology quality audits. We are distinguished in our reputation for radiology quality and known for specific expertise in radiology quality audit methodology, advanced peer review technology and best practices in the conduct of fair and objective peer review.

We can use a variety of methods for conducting quality audits, however, our typical approach includes:


  • A rigorous, well-documented, consistent, automated process;

  • Referring physicians should readily understand the output of the review, despite different reporting styles (normalization);

  • Maintaining a clear audit trail;

  • Findings of potential discrepancy are subjected to additional review (arbitration);

  • If the arbitration (3rd interpretation) can not establish a majority consensus concerning the result, a committee review is required;

  • Monitoring trends among the reviewer to watch for individual biases towards "overcalling" or "undercalling";

  • Review interpretations should not be biased (negatively or positively) by the original radiologist’s findings, so a “same clinical context” (no original report, blind initial review) approach is adopted.

A recent audit client stated that they felt Real Time Medical was the only company in the country capable of the advanced audit work desired.

Large-Scale Audit Experience


As a radiology practice, Real Time Medical has been requested to conduct seven radiology quality audits across four provinces for radiologist, hospital and ministry of health clients.

Some examples include:

New Brunswick Department of Health

November 2009 radiology quality review in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, at the request of the Department of Health (NB DoH), to support the retrospective review of 26,829 studies across two health regions. Twenty-one independent radiologists, most of whom did not know each other, remotely reviewed the cases (including 2nd, 3rd and/or discrepant findings arbitration) within 60 days because of the high degree of process automation Real Time Medical's DiaShare enabled (now called AICloudSuite). This allowed the Ministry to address patients’ worries and respond to the public sense of urgency concerning the reports whose accuracy had been called into question.

Newfoundland Regional Health Authorities

In October and November 2010, Real Time Medical used DiaShare  in Newfoundland, for a retrospective review of 4,589 studies.




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